Group Process Session Plan
Savoury Delights


30 minutes

Material list

Gloves, plants, soil in baggies, pots (Tim’s cups), Nature CD, care/culinary tip card, bags, biz cards, watering can, table cloth, paper towel, whisk/dust pan,


Welcome everyone, describe our session/activity for today, and speak about confidentiality.

Because our session is cut down from our regular hour to ½ hour we need to dig right in and get to the root of the problem as they say.

Speak about pathogens (microorganisms that can cause disease present in soil) – use of gloves as a precautionary measure. 

Pass out gloves, winter savory, pots, soil


Discussion will occur between them and me.

Sensory stimulation programme – stimulation of all six senses.

Hands-on, interactive activity – potting up herbs.

Steering, searching questions, utilize verbal cues and ask simple, open-ended questions.

Encourage involvement whether experienced at gardening or not.

Take home herb, plant/garden and culinary care sheet.

Thank participants for coming – follow-up.

6 senses: Olfactory, kinesthetic, tactile, visual, auditory and gustatory.


Encourage to smell and talk about the herb as they work with it: What does the smell remind you of?


Encourage physical movement through planting, music, turning pages of a book or magazine, etc.

Provide passive range of motion or hand over hand guidance as needed.


Have participants touch the leaves and ask them to ask “how does it feel to you”…. soft, hard, bumpy, smooth, warm, cold, etc.


Use visually stimulating pictures that are simple, familiar and have contrasting colors. Use props when possible, in conjunction with pictures. Use food with herb in it, catalogues, dried herb.


Utilize rhythmic music to stimulate and soothing music to calm – play nature CD in background.

Monitor/alter the volume as needed and keep distractions to a minimum.


Taste tests: sample dressing.

How are nutrients, light and water important to the health of your herb?

Can you see how we are much like the plants we care for?

With a little creativity, planning, perseverance, and empathy, activity professionals, recreation therapists, volunteers, family members, and other healthcare providers, can offer a success-oriented sensory stimulation program that will significantly enhance the quality of life of the group participants!

Conclusion/Outcomes (accomplish or learn)

Expanded physical and cognitive abilities, stress reduction, and inspire hope.