A Voice In His Garden Ministries

Nature & Music Programming/Presentations—Consultation, Teaching, Training, & Design

Cross-curriculum approaches using a diverse range of Horticultural Therapy programmes with distinct population groups within various settings—hospitals, private residences, community gardens, and nursing homes. We offer HT Project Guides for sale, and HT presentations are available by appointment.
Other ‘training possibilities’ may be discussed as well.

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Music to Grow by:  In the Light of God’s Son’ is a song which I penned in 2004, that talks about the despair we humans can too often experience on the road called ‘life’. It also points us to the ‘despair eraser’, Jesus Christ, God’s Son! I pray that as you listen to the words, you will embrace the Light of our Saviour afresh! 

In the Light of God's Son
Have You Heard Him Call You

 Memberships and Associations

  • Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association

Credentials & Accomplishments

  • Developmental Service Worker—2009
  • Community & Social Service Worker—2009
  • Gospel Recording Artist—2005
  • Teacher and Trainer of Adults—since 2004
  • Horticultural Therapy Contractor—since 2002
  • Published Author and Editor—since 1999
  • Gospel Singer/Songwriter—since 1988
  • Sketch Artist, pen and pencil – portraits and botanicals—since 1970

What Our Clients Are Saying

Rose was a wonderful complement to Little Rascals Child Care children with her programme called “TILTHY RICH”.

The children enjoyed her enthusiasm as they learned about planting seeds, watching them grow and tasting and eating their produce right from the garden to their mouths. Wonderful exchanges of facial expression and words to describe what they ate was hilarious at times.

I have followed Rose from Ontario to Nova Scotia and have found her a person of truth and strong faith. Wishing you every success in the field you were chosen to follow.

Cheryl O'Hara
Owner/Director Little Rascals Child Care Centre

Rose Naomi O’Brey has so many passions–teaching, singing, songwriting, gardening, cooking, and drawing–all that God has enabled her to do.

When she began teaching a Sunday school class of 14 youth last fall, it was her passion for gardening that shaped this ministry. Rose developed a curriculum using art, song, science, and Bible lessons—“It was a real growing experience for us—the students blossomed and so did their gardens,

Esther Barnes
Link & Visitor Magazine