Some Sunshine for your Day

I received this fantastic photo on my timeline this morning. It immediately made me remember how I had created a ‘face’ on one of my Russian Giant sunflower heads years ago and how much my 2 year old grandson had loved it!

Makes me think about how one seed had to be covered over completely by the darkness of soil, die, and then be given new life and rise again in a new and glorious body.

Just like Jesus, when He was crucified, died, and rose again in a garden, the seeds which we plant have much capacity to enrich and change lives.

Can you think of some ways to show love, bestow beauty, and generate warmth today? Maybe you love to bake, or sing, or garden, or repair autos, or any number of things!

What are some of the ‘bright’ moments and ideas from your gardening treasury?

Take care, keep growing & singing! 

Rose Naomi

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