A Voice In His Garden Ministries

“He speaks, and the sound of His voice is so sweet the birds hush their singing. And the melody that He gives to me, within my heart is ringing.” C. Austin Miles (1868-1946) 

“I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” Psalm 104:33b


Rose Naomi O’Brey

Accapella Gospel Singer . Songwriter . Recording Artist . Speaker Teacher/Trainer . Horticultural Therapist . Author . Visual Artist


In music, whether instrumental, vocal, or a combination thereof, there is a pause, a rest, a silence if you will, between the notes, before the change. With the last note still ringing out you will find yourself listening/waiting for where the next one will come from within that silence.

Each day I remind myself that much like music; God has created and made it necessary for me to have pauses, periods of silence, yes, of rest!

These are the times when He changes the sounds in my life and gives me new breath and strength which He embeds within the very depth of my soul.

As with music and song, I know my life needs these pauses in order that I can clearly hear His voice when He speaks to me next.

Yours in Christ, Rose Naomi

Praise, People, Plants ... Possibilities

We welcome you to ‘A Voice In His Garden Ministries’, where original Gospel songs, accapella singing, art, science, and horticultural activities ( plants & nature ) are used as remedial teaching tools to create programmes of great growth potential and possibilities.

Our participants experience enhanced quality of life as they ‘connect to their roots’ by way of music and nature programmes and presentations both inside and out-of-doors. With those two elements working together there are numerous benefits to be reaped along with the enhanced quality of life. These can include, but are not limited to, confidence building, lower stress levels and relaxation, social skill development and an overall feeling of well-being.

Our focus is on growing mind, body, soul, and spirit through Gospel music and Nature/Creation programming.

We Grow Plants & People! 

Joy Journal Jottings

As I thought about the new season which began almost a month ago, today a favourite scripture verse and fall plant came to mind. First the plant. Autumn Joy (Sedum) aka Autumn Stonecrop is a fabulous and popular perennial. In spring and early summer this hardy, and robust plant displays its light green leaves and …
I received this fantastic photo on my timeline this morning. It immediately made me remember how I had created a ‘face’ on one of my Russian Giant sunflower heads years ago and how much my 2 year old grandson had loved it! Makes me think about how one seed had to be covered over completely …
There are only three little letters in the word SIN and smack dab in the centre is the letter “I”! I is in the middle of sin. Now, that sentence is grammatically correct when ‘I’ refers to a thing, the letter, for instance. However, if ‘I’ refers to a person it should read, “I am …
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Rose was a wonderful complement to Little Rascals Child Care children with her programme called “TILTHY RICH”.

The children enjoyed her enthusiasm as they learned about planting seeds, watching them grow and tasting and eating their produce right from the garden to their mouths. Wonderful exchanges of facial expression and words to describe what they ate was hilarious at times.

I have followed Rose from Ontario to Nova Scotia and have found her a person of truth and strong faith. Wishing you every success in the field you were chosen to follow.

Cheryl O'Hara
Owner/Director Little Rascals Child Care Centre

Rose Naomi O’Brey has so many passions–teaching, singing, songwriting, gardening, cooking, and drawing–all that God has enabled her to do.

When she began teaching a Sunday school class of 14 youth last fall, it was her passion for gardening that shaped this ministry. Rose developed a curriculum using art, song, science, and Bible lessons—“It was a real growing experience for us—the students blossomed and so did their gardens,

Esther Barnes
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